Massage trainings

Looking for high-quality video trainings on effectiveness massage techniques? Look no further than our collection, which includes instruction on IASTM therapy, rehabilitation, and sport massage. Improve your skills and knowledge with expert guidance from our experienced instructors. Start learning today!

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Online trainings of massage techniques

Method of instruction: After the course fee is paid, you will receive access to video materials within 24 hours. These materials will be available to you indefinitely on the YouTube platform. Access is unique and tied to your email address.

Body Blade Massage

Body shaping using the IASTM therapy method and fascial massage. Pain-free and enjoyable massage with pronounced and rapid results.

Rehab IASTM Massage

Comprehensive rehabilitation based on IASTM therapy, massage stretching, breathing therapy, and joint articulation.

Face Blade Massage

Facial lifting massage using IASTM therapy. This technique involves deep and painless work on the muscles and SMAS points, utilizing an IASTM tool.

Smart Therapy Module 1

Rehabilitation program that incorporates a combination of pressure techniques, press-rolling, joint articulation and mobilization, and trigger point therapy.

Athletic Master Massage

This is a sports massage technique that involves working with major muscles using manual techniques and instruments.

Smart Therapy Module 2

The 2nd module of the SMART Therapy technique for advanced masters. Involves working on the lateral surface of the body and includes even more effective techniques.