Strigilis, or Ancient Roman Bath Traditions: Back to History

The thermae were public baths used in Ancient Rome. The Roman Baths were a key part of Roman culture and society, bathing was not only seen as a way to clean the body, but also as a way to relax and socialize.The baths were open to everyone, regardless of social status. The Roman baths, or thermae, were a central part of Roman culture and society. In a city of over a million people, there were around 800 public baths.

The Layout of Roman Bath

There was an entrance hall where visitors would undress and leave their belongings. Then, they would proceed to the frigidarium, or cold room, where they would take a dip in cold water to shock their system. Next was the tepidarium, or warm room, where they would relax in warm water. Finally, they would move to the caldarium, or hot pool room, where they would sweat in order to cleanse their skin.

Strigil and Cleansing Process

Strigils have been found in a variety of cultures and date back as early as 4,000 BCE. The baths were staffed by slaves who were responsible for cleaning and maintenance. They were using a special Tool – Strigil. Strigil was used to scrape the dirt and sweat from the body. It was held in the right hand while the left hand held a sponge or cloth to catch the dirt. Strigil was also used to clean the floors and walls of the bathhouse. Strigils were curved metal tool. To use a strigil, one would first cover their body with oil. Then, they would scrape the strigil across their skin to remove any dirt or impurities.

Strigilis Nowadays

Today, strigils are still used by some people as a way to cleanse the body. However, they are more commonly used for exfoliating the skin and removing dead cells. Strigils are also sometimes used in massage therapy to help relieve muscle tension. The technique of using Strigil in Ancient Greece and Rome is believed to call the thirst using IASTM Therapy, because the mechanism of work is very common with Instrument Soft Tissue Mobilization. Interesting, that nowadays, in some parts of the world, Srigilis are also using by athletes to scrape oil and sweat from their bodies after competition.

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